cheat pes ps2 pes 2008 Best formation tactics

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cheat pes ps2 pes 2008 Best formation tactics

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 PS2 pes 2008 Best formation/tactics against human players?

 Can anyone tell me what is the best formations/tactics to use against human players on the PS2 PES2008, or link me to a site please.?

I play PES2008 on PC alot and can beat top player just about all the time, but when I go onto the PS2 version against my friends the game feels a whole of alot different and I usually get my arse wooped. It annoys me because they can barely beat the computer on amatuer and dont know as many tricks, tactics and as me and they dont even know what team strategies and supercancel is.

So, inspite of the gameplay difference between the PS2 and PC version, can anyone suggest the best formation, tactics etc. to use against human players on PS2. Cheers.
PS2 pes 2008 Best formation/tactics against human players?

I have the same problem. But I think I've found the reason. The computer tackles and human tackles are different. It is same for defencing a tackle. So we need to play more against human players, less against computer. I think there is another solution. We should play more defensive. Because computer plays more collective than a human, so computer attacks with lots of passes but human can score easily by using one player. To stop driblings, there should be extra defense layers.
 PS2 pes 2008 Best formation/tactics against human players?
 Attacking: run at the opposition. When there's a defender in your way, change your run by 45 degrees. There's gonna be a 50:50 chance you'll beat them. Do this every time you have the ball and you'll get through enough times to win.
Defending: wear your lucky socks, find a 4 leaf clover and throw a small rhino at your opponent.
tried and tested

OK OK i use 2 formation 343 and 442. 343 would be a good option if you are a good defender if not use 442, you will obviously score more with 343 providing you use the formation well enough!! 442 will help you not concede yet still gives u a good attacking option!!
 Any formation is good, just fiddle around and find 1 you're comfortable with. Even 4-5-1 can net you lots of goals if you know how to use it properly.

When defending, forget the
button. Maybe hold it in centre field to try to steal a ball but you shouldn't be using it in your own half too often. Instead, shadow the player, block his path, use to jockey if you want (always facing him). Should force him to pass back as a cross or shot will be blocked. Also keep your finger close to in case you're against a fast player and they suddenly blow by you. Take them down instantly, no point chasing them.

Good way of
stealing the ball is making angled runs while holding or just get close to them using a strong defender to out muscle them
 From my experience i found 4-3-3 to be the best formation to play with whther it is against human players or the computer and it works well with many different teams. Its kinda like the default formation of Barcelona but i use WF,SS & CF instead of 2 SS and the midfield is DMF,CMF,AMF
 Right now I'm playing the PS2 version regularly with my gf's brother, but since he's an aggressive defender, I usually find a lot of spaces and am able to win. However, most games are tight from beginning to end, and I find the most unnerving element about the PS2 version (when compared to PC/PS3/X360) is passing. It's completely different, players are much proner to those weakling passes we hate so much, and it's also easier to outrun the pass, resulting in the ball hitting your player's ankles quite often, if you're not used to it.

Due to that, you need a tactic in which players are not
spread out so much. That's what I feel makes the greatest difference when playing. If your players are spread too thin, the weak passes and crap aiming are going to drive you insane. I lost the first 2 games in a row and tied the 3rd because of this, until I set a 4-4-2 (diamond midfield) with the wingers close to the center, and not so much space between the lines. Setting your defensive line to A (forward) can also help. You can then set the arrows if you want one of the wingers (or both) to make wide runs.

PES 2008 PS2 with a human opponent is really, deeply satisfactory, though. The best version of the game for sure



thats what i always used but in PES08 it was useless .... i couldnt control the middlefield at all and my defenders sometimes were out numbered!!.... i switched to 4-4-2 where you have a defencive middlefielder to help in defence... i play it on the PS3 version and i just beat a guy ranked 42 today 6-4 LOL

Any kind of formation will do actually. It also depends on the opponent. Just make sure you're not 1 on 1 with ur defenders. So when the opponent has 3 attackers make sure you have 4 defenders.

I always use Formation A and B. So I play with 3 formations. When not in posession of the ball I play 5-1-1-2-1 and when in posession it goes to a 4-1-2-2-1 formation and when I am behind I switch over to 5 attackers.. It works for me with every team.

 PS2 pes 2008 Best formation/tactics against human players?

cheat pes ps2 pes 2008 Best formation tactics


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